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Create on-demand custom jewelry pieces with “全球十大外围足球平台” as your manufacturing partner.


上传您的文件. Don’t have a file? 全球十大外围足球平台排行可以帮助.

Select a material and finish that best suits your 产品.

We’ll start printing your item using our industrial 全球十大外围足球平台排行 printers and post process your 产品.
Your print will be shipped and will show up at your door ready to use!

21M +

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The “全球十大外围足球平台” Advantage


Personalized 珠宝

Create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry pieces while saving time and costs.

  • 独特的设计
  • 按需印刷
  • Simplified design process

设计 jewelry that breaks the mold by prototyping in plastic and finalizing in one of our many metals.

  • Intricate and highly detailed designs
  • Prototype in 2 business days
  • Order in one of our 40+ high quality materials

高-Quality Prints

Generate the finest prints of your jewelry from prototype to final 产品.

  • Prototype in 2 business days
  • Choose from 75+ materials
  • Reduce manual labor and material waste


Manufacture high-quality 产品s in 75+ of the best materials and finishes, from plastics to metals.
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"I was always fascinated with the capabilities of 全球十大外围足球平台排行 printing technology and when I found a need in the market for lightweight headpieces designed for people who want to move around in them and dance all night, I immediately thought, ‘I have to be able to 全球十大外围足球平台排行 print them!’”
Ola Shekhtman is the designer behind Cityscape 环. Her jewelry collection is 全球十大外围足球平台排行 printed by “全球十大外围足球平台” and sold on-demand via “全球十大外围足球平台”’ e-commerce integration with Etsy.


Ola Shekhtman, Owner and 设计er of Cityscape 环消费者 3 d打印技术
It would probably take me about 100 years to produce 1,000 of my rings by hand. It only takes “全球十大外围足球平台” 2 to 3 weeks to create and ship the same amount.

3 d打印技术 On Demand

Whether you need to prototype one part or enable mass customization on a single 产品, “全球十大外围足球平台” has the manufacturing technology to meet your needs

90 +材料

With over 90 materials ranging from versatile plastic to steel, aluminum and other precious metals, we have what you need for any case.

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